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How to Repatriate Profits from China

CMAP summarizes two main methods to repatriate profits from China.


CMAP participated in the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) under the theme- Strategic Management for enterprises and have found optimal policies for them.

11 EOFY Resolutions for Your Small Business

EOFY is a good time to check the financial health of your business. Comparing your results with previous annual figures and similar businesses in your industry will help you identify strengths and key areas of weakness or potential threats.

The Top 3 Legal Issues Facing Small Business – And How Accountants Can Help

Small business owners often turn to their accountant for advice not just on finance, but on wider questions around the law, human resources and competition.

5 Tips for Referring Clients to a Financial Planner

An agreement between an accountancy practice and financial planner is a relationship like any other, so regular communication is vital.

How To Foster Workplace Collabration

Seeing a situation from someone else's position can help resolve conflict.

Is Accounting Firm Making the Most of Existing Clients?

It's 20 times easier to get new business from existing clients than to bring in new clients, are you making the most of clients?

4 Strategies to Help Clients Grow Business

Playing a pivotal role in their clients’ professional lives allows accounting firms to move away from simply crunching numbers and transition to a business advisory role.

How to Build Lasting Relationships with Your Accounting Clients

To influence outcomes, CPAs need to position themselves as consultants.

5 Ways Behavioural Science Can Help You Have A Better Workday

Little patches of mental enjoyment can undo the unrelenting rhythm of a bad day

Top Influencing Skills Accountants Need

Management accountants should be thinking strategically about how they communicate information and their ability to assert themselves to get results.

SAAS & Cloud Accounting in China

What you need to knowwhen selecting SAAS & Cloud Accounting for your Chinese Business

5 Hiring Trends in the Accounting and Finance Profession

Many employers are offering roles on a contract basis.

5 Questions Productive Employees Ask

New research from a trio of Australian academics shows that proactivity is not always beneficial to the organisation.

The Rise and Rise of the Virtual CFO

Practices offering virtual CFO services tend to develop closer relationships with clients.

3 Types of Accounting Services in China

It's important to spot the difference between the 3 types for many reasons so that your business will benefit the most.

A Quick Guide to WFOEs in China

Determining Shareholder Structure

2019 Tax Changes

Tax Changes for Small and Thin-profit Enterprise