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Our mission is to be the strategic partner for sustainable development for foreign-invested enterprises in China.
We are dedicated to delivering outstanding financial, tax, and corporate governance consulting services.
Our goal is to assist clients in achieving financial health, optimizing tax strategies, and elevating corporate governance standards, thereby ensuring their sustained success in the highly competitive business environment.

We firmly believe that as financial and tax consultants, our responsibility extends beyond providing specialized financial services.
We are committed to collaboratively exploring and formulating strategies aligned with the principles of sustainable development.
Through establishing close partnerships with our clients, our aim is to help them not only prosper financially but also champion practices of social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and good governance.

At CMAP, we recognize that CFOs are not just experts in finance but also pivotal drivers of corporate strategy.
Consequently, we are dedicated to cultivating and nurturing high-caliber financial professionals, empowering them to play a crucial role in corporate decision-making and become strategic partners in realizing sustainable business growth for our clients.

In essence, our mission is to create value by assisting clients in establishing robust financial foundations, optimizing tax strategies, enhancing corporate governance standards, and driving sustainable development for their success in the dynamic landscape of the Chinese market.

Core Values

Excellence: We strive for the highest standards in financial, tax, and governance services.
Integrity: Upholding ethics and transparency, we build trust in all interactions.
Innovation: Embracing creativity, we seek innovative solutions for evolving challenges.
Collaboration: Through teamwork and partnerships, we enhance collective capabilities.
Client-Centric: Client success is our priority; we tailor solutions to meet unique needs.
Professional Development: We invest in continuous learning to maintain cutting-edge expertise.
Sustainability: We integrate ESG considerations, advocating for responsible business practices.


All of your data is securely stored online.


Accessible wherever (in China or in your homeland) and whenever you need with an internet connection.


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Our Services

Company Formation

We help to register your business in China with minimum hassles, shortest possible time and lowest cost.

    • Establish WFOE in China
    • Services for administrative license changes (cross-regional migration, legal person changes and other services)
    • Company clearing and cancellation services
    • The patent / trade mark / copyright application

Bookkeeping, Reporting and Compliance Service

CMAP Bookkeeping stays on top of the game when it comes to cloud-based bookkeeping technologies that help you running and controlling businesses easier.
Our team is composed of highly qualified CPAs who are all authorized cloud accountants. We offer a wide array of bookkeeping services to our clients.

    • Structure your accounting and business controlling system.
    • Set up cloud accounting software.
    • Supervise client business to record and reconcile transactions and perform accounting bookkeeping
    • Produce financial statements and management reporting.
    • Monthly tax filing.
    • China Turnover Tax Compliance Services.
    • China CIT Compliance Service.
    • Annual Corporate Income Tax filing.
    • Annual audit and statutory reporting to State Administration of Industry & Commerce (SAIC).

Accounting Department Outsourcing Service

CMAP accountants help put distractions of daily routine accounting and administrative tasks off your hand, so that you can focus on running your business.
We can act like your very own in-house accountant to carry out the daily accounting and administrative activities.

    • Based on the payment request and invoice/contracts, conduct the payment to the supplier/employee through e-banking for management approval.
    • Prepare bank account journal every month
    • Check and verify bank account balance based on bank request
    • Process overseas income declaration to the SAFE (Shanghai Administration of Foreign Exchange)
    • Convert the foreign currency (e.g., USD) to RMB account
    • Purchasing invoices.
    • Issuance of VAT tax invoices based on clients’ instructions
    • Verification of input VAT invoices
    • Recording for invoice management purpose
    • Running and paying employee payroll,
    • Social welfare
    • Filing individual income tax
    • Administration of business license
    • Administration of corporate stamping service

Virtual CFO and Health Check

Our award-winning team of accounting professionals in Shanghai help you take control of your business by providing you with the tools and advice that you need to make informed decisions, and steer you into the right path towards growth and success.
We take the time to understand your business as well as what you want. Whether you need help with budgeting for the business year, understanding financial statements, rigorously measure performance, or health check to discover organization exposure and risks, our Shanghai team can provide valuable advices.

    • Business data modelling, create data collection mechanism and design KPI and management reporting system
    • Monthly financials, analysis of financial results, targets, analysis of KPIs as a driver of the organizations performance
    • Find innovative and practical performance improvement or profit enhancing solutions, covering operational functions, technology and systems
    • Financial forecasting, budgeting and variance analysis
    • Cash flow forecasting and management
    • Internal audit to assess organizational exposures, risks and potential organizational impacts, as well as evaluate controls to manage and reduce risks
    • Health check of different business cycles to identify compliance deviations, internal control weaknesses, reporting deficiencies as well as limitations on software systems
    • Re-design business process, as well as accounting and controlling system

Tax Planning

Let us streamline your tax management both at initial business financials structuring and during daily supervision.
Tax is the most significant burden on business, especially in China where policies and regulations differ substantially from your homeland. On your business, we help

    • Identify tax risks, and optimize client’s tax position with tax planning strategies and structuring
    • Supervise elements of your daily operation which has effects on tax to minimize the tax payment implications
    • Enable you to effectively organize your books to sufficiently take advantage of favourable tax policies

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